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Luxury Affordable leather handbags Bermuda Born | Onwards and Up


Luxury Affordable Leather Handbags and Accessories

Bermuda Born is a luxury AFFORDABLE leather handbag and accessories brand. A designer brand focusing on bringing the very best leather goods to their clientele.

The Founder of Bermuda Born PATRICE MORGAN has always been passionate about design. Launched in 2017, Bermuda-inspired brand utilising colourful leathers that have been handcrafted by artisans in Portugal.

When customers carry a Bermuda Born bag, Patrice wants them to feel the warmth of the brand, of good times, spent on vacation, and to feel confident carrying the brand’s high-end, yet affordable LUXURIOUS leather products. 

Camouflage Clutch Bag Bermuda Born | Onwards and Up

I wanted to create versatile leather goods that appeal to a modern woman’s lifestyle. A woman who is multi-faceted and who often has a calendar filled with places to go and people to see

With this in mind, the styles that I have designed serve a purpose for every occasion. Whether it be work, vacation or handling day-to-day activities.

Bermuda Born is Bermuda’s only luxury affordable leather handbag brand. It is heavily influenced by today’s modern traveler. At the heart of what Bermuda Born stands for is quality and TIMELESS APPEALl.

Patrice draws her design inspiration from her island home. Her collection of products have been named after places and regions on the island.

When I engaged the services of Onwards and Up, it was initially for assistance with increasing my brand’s international exposure. However, after speaking with Toyin, she gave my business a thorough assessment of what would be needed to reach my business goals.

She identified some weaknesses and gave advice on how I could boost my company’s sales via my website.

Using her knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and her Shopify expertise, she was able to increase my engagement numbers and google ranking, to say the very least.

Toyin is an excellent communicator and a great teacher as well. I have learned so much from her. She has been an asset to my new and growing handbag brand

Patrice Morgan, Owner & Director
Bermuda Born
Patrice Morgan Founder Bermuda Born | Onwards and Up


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Bermuda Born Luxury Affordable Leather Handbags | Onwards and Up
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