Fashion Business and SEO Consultant

Fashion Business and SEO Consultant, Onwards and Up

Hello, my name is Toyin and I have worked in international business development for over 12 years.  Working with many of the UK’s leading and emerging fashion, retail, lifestyle and consumer brands.

Working with brands to develop business strategies and marketing campaigns, to enable them to successfully expand into new markets across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US.

Mentoring and training start-up to trading businesses to develop competitive and sustainable brands selling through wholesale and online.

Toyin loves working with brands on growing their business through different distribution routes and seeing their confidence grow. Anything is possible when broken down into chunks in a practical and realistic manner.

She has a passion for helping to demystify the difficulties of taking the next business steps to grow. Always generous share her knowledge, to help brands to make good business decisions with confidence. Enabling them to be more proactive. Knowledge is King!!

Call her the human encyclopaedia for business. 😊 A font of knowledge and well connected with industry working with a variety of fashion brands from start-up to established.  Thinking outside of the box and being creative is important to me and can lead to great success.

With the increasing challenges, young brands face and limited access to hands-on support. Onwards and Up was founded to deliver where others left off. A fashion business and SEO consultant working with brands across wholesale, exporting and online.

Toyin is an outgoing, optimistic person, who will provide you with the encouragement to achieve your business goals.  She has a light-hearted fun approach to work and is a sucker for fashion accessories.

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