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Business Mentoring

Onwards and Up business mentoring and consultancy service is passionate about helping you grow your confidence and build a stronger business for the FUTURE.

Providing tailored support for your business needs. Whether you are an early start-up or established trading business.  Onwards and Up is in a UNIQUE position and holds over 14 years of experience working with businesses at different stages of business growth. Having a long history of delivering business mentoring and consultancy success with high CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 

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Leading a proactive and practical approach to supporting you and to CREATE A PLAN to get your business moving forward immediately. We focus on working on short and long-term sustainable business and personal GOALS.

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How We Can Help

  • Conducting a Business SOS diagnostic to understand and identify business issues, (gaps, skills, and knowledge).
  • Creating a tailored action plan with business goals and achieve key milestones.
  • Setting out targeted and practical steps to make a difference.
  • Implementation support and providing active hands-on support and guidance from us to maximise your progress and success.

Utilise our wider experience, knowledge, and know-how from Onwards and Up and our industry network both the UK and international.

Who is This For?

  • Fashion brands, creative, beauty, consumer and lifestyle businesses
  • Starting a new business or take your existing business to the next level
  • Looking to gain industry insight and support to build an effective strategy
  • Creating a strategy right for your business and goals including; marketing strategy, business planning, pricing, digital and export strategy.
  • Accessing a third eye view and analysis of your business, to understand gaps and how to move forward.

Affordable support delivering great value and extensive expertise.  Our sessions start from £160 (for 2.5hrs) to £550 for our monthly support package.

Our business mentoring and consultancy service is flexible and tailored to your business needs goals and action plan.

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