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Black Friday Top 10 Tips to Increase Online Sales

Black Friday  Sales | Onwards and Up

Black Friday is Coming, Happy Christmas!

Black Friday online sales, another American tradition we Brits have inherited and embraced over the past couple of years, yay! Whether you want to be part of it or not, it is something that none us can really ignore.

As a business, it is an opportune time for you to maximise your online sales and get that extra margin through your website.  Whether you are participating in Black Friday or not, Onwards and Up bring you a few things for you to tweak on your website, to help increase your sales during the jolly season.

Top 10 Black Friday Online Sales Tips

1) Website Layout To Improve Conversion Rate On Black Friday

Remove carousel banners on your homepage and have a static image, making it obvious that you are doing Black Friday, where the sale or offers are with links.

Simplify your navigation during this time and create one clear page of Black Friday products, if the sale is not across all your collections.  Make it easy for customers to find and reduce the clicks to get to the sale items.

2) Improve Mobile Format For Conversion

We now live in a mobile-first world. The domination of the smartphone being mans best friend has increased the amount we are now purchasing on them than ever before. Make sure that your mobile website is optimised for Black Friday to increase conversion rates for online sales.

Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, which Google loves. It will improve your ranking and optimisation for this device.  Things to review to support mobile conversion;

  • Remove any obstructing pop-ups – Google may penalise this;
  • Make text readable without zooming;
  • Avoid using software like flash on mobile – it will slow loading time down; Google will potentially penalise you for this.
  • Size content to the screen to reduce horizontal scrolling and zooming;
  • Place links far enough apart, so that the correct one can be easily accessed;
  • Ensure that your images are small-sized to increase loading speed. A 4mb image will KILL your load speed.

3) Getting Your Timing to Maximise Online Sales On Black Friday

Online search interest for Christmas starts earlier every year.  Black Friday research online begins a full three weeks before the big day

Timing is critical, review your Google Analytics and see what customers are viewing on your site and find the best time to advertise them. For example, perfume and jewellery query peak the week of Black Friday and decline after Cyber Monday.

Even the time of day is important: there were more apparel queries between 5 am and 12 pm on Black Friday compared with a normal Friday, as early birds sought to pounce on the best clothing deals.

4) How To Make Your Website Credible &  Trustworthy

Customers want to know that whatever sites they are parting with their cash on, they feel safe in the knowledge that their personal data is safe and they will receive the good that they have ordered on time.

Have a clear delivery and returns policy that customers can access easily on your site. The product page description is a good place to add delivery details to enable quicker purchasing decisions.

Customers can be put off by complicated returns processes. Try and simplify your process for this period if possible. Don’t bury this information in the deepest depths of your website that customer has to hunt for it.  Be upfront and make it clear.

Ensure your website meets the up to date security https rather than http.  Have a privacy policy on your website to reassure customers, which is also a legal requirement along with your terms and conditions.

Ensure your website is GDPR compliant with the relevant cookie notifications and privacy policy listed on your site.

5) Create Eye-Catching Headings For Mailouts

Black Friday direct email marketing

If you are doing direct mail-outs, be creative about your heading.  Make it stand out from all the other Black Friday emails.  Customer inboxes will be bombarded with similar emails over the coming days.

Make it different, make it count!!

6) Spamming Your Customers – No, no, no!!

Try not to spam your customers too much before, during and after, unless you have something interesting to say.  They got the email the first, second and third time and now they have unsubscribed from your mailing list. Mission unaccomplished. ?

I appreciate that this may be your last time for big sales before the end of the year, but you also want customers that stay with you beyond this period and purchase regardless.  Try not to alienate them.

Set up an email campaign that you can track through an email marketing programme or Google Analytics. If customers have not opened your emails or clicked through to your website, then leave them be.  They will come back to you when they are ready and not because you are on sale.

Try and encourage brand loyalty, rather than discount junkies.

7) Just Don’t Do It On Black Friday

Black Friday Everlane marketing online sales

Black Friday is not for everyone, there is no law that says that you must be part of the crazy selling season.  It may not fit with your brand values or alienate your customers.  If discounting and mass sales are not your scene, there are other ways for you to be part of Black Friday, but still increasing sales.

Take note of Everlane, who sent out a message to their customers, saying they would not be taking part in Black Friday.  Any profits from sales they made on that day would go towards a charitable cause.

8) Avoid the 404 Page!

404 Page not found Balck Friday

You’ve invested all this time in gearing up for your online promotion, to find on the day of execution customers click through to find the 404 or land on the wrong page.  Customers are fickle and flaky at this time of the year.  You have one shot of capturing their attention or they’ll be off to the next site to part with their cash.

Check your links and fix them before the big day to increase your online sales.

9) Simplify Your Shipping Information

A high percentage of customers are put off by shipping costs, be upfront about this. If you are giving free shipping, say loud and clear and where to in the world.  Don’t make it complicated and vague which make customers think if they want that purchase from your site.

Online Shipping policy UK

10) Increase Your Sales Conversion Rate

The shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers in 2016 was around 67% (Baymard Institute).  Reasons for cart abandonment are:

  • The site wanted me to create an account;
  • Complicated checkout process;  
  • Couldn’t see the total cost of order upfront.

Simplify your processes for online sales as much as possible, by cutting out unnecessary steps.  It’s Black Friday, you want their cash, not their life story, so…

  • Limit the amount of information you ask for;
  • Provide a way for people to purchase without signing in;
  • Set up guest check out for this period;
  • Make sure that the text for each step is properly formatted on all devices;
  • Your instructions are clear;  
  • Copy is compelling and each step works perfectly.

There we have it.  A few tips to help you on your way to improve your black Friday or Christmas selling period on your website.

Have a successful Black Friday!!

Looking grow your online sales?

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