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Tips to Build Your Social Media Platforms for Business Success

Social media, love it hate, avoid it like the plague.  Either way, there is no denying and getting away from the fact that having a cohesive social media strategy is an integral part of a business plan. Around 92% of retail brands use 2 or 3 social media platforms to connect to their audience.

Research has found that 95% of adults aged 18-34 online are most likely to follow a brand via social networking, and 71% of consumers are likely to recommend using social after having a good social media service experience with a brand, (Dream grow).

With so many businesses out there saying a lot of stuff, getting more likes and followers, at times it can feel deflating and your base is growing slower than others. Onwards and Up hear your cries and empathise with you all.  As a Fashion business consultant operating on my own, I only have one pair of hands and they can only do so much when building a business.   

Let’s streamline the social media strategy process and focus on what is important to you, to help you grow. Stop feeling like you are drowning with so many channels and build a time-effective plan to engage your community of followers. Here are a few rules to remember when building your online presence.

Which Social Media Platforms Are Good For My Business?

There are an array of social media channels out there that we could basically spend our lives just doing that and not getting any work done to pay the bills. Not every social media is channel is right for every business.  It is important to understand who your audience is and wherein the digital world they like to hang out.

There is no point in spending all your time posting on Instagram when your audience or age group hang out on Facebook or Twitter.  It is ok not to invest in all social channels, just pick those that work for you.

Working with fashion brands, there is a tendency for people to have Instagram as their go-to platform. the number of times I hear ” no one is engaging with my content on other platforms, I get a lot of likes and comments on Instagram”. That may be the case, but we need to dig deeper into what is happening on your platforms.

When was the last time you looked at your Google Analytics and registered where your visitors were coming from? For any social media or marketing strategy, this should be your starting point. Social Media is not about you and where you like to hang out. It is about where your customers are engaging to the point that they want to click through and interact with your wider website content.

Which social media platforms are driving the most traffic to sales?

Be You, Be Great

There is only one of you in the world (unless you are a twin).  We all have stuff to say, maybe the same thing, but in different ways, that’s ok, so say it.  Social media platforms can be a great way to get your personality across, which also enhances the message that you are trying to communicate.

Don’t get bogged down with what other people are posting or how many likes or followers they are getting.  Be you and those who are real will stay the distance.

Understand who your followers are, why they follow you and what types of content generate lots of engagement. 

Gone are the days of just putting out content with a one-sentence caption or an emoji.  We are now in an era where followers are looking for value, knowledge, and experience. Create content that generates discussion, opinion, and collaboration.  This is a great way to learn more about your followers and gain feedback and give customers what they want product or service vice versa. 

One of the trends of 2020 is the rise of GenZ (40% of the global population) and creating real-life experience and content.  Check out our blog to learn how to engage more with this audience group.

Chasing The Social Media Platform Algorithm

Argh!!! That bloody Algorithm. I need to like more, post more, engage more to keep up with the game.  That and people following and unfollowing me, this is exhausting. ?

If things didn’t change, we would all get a bit bored and move on to the next invention.  Social media channels do this to keep their platform fresh but are now moving towards encouraging us to part with our hard-earned cash to get more coverage and engagement.  You can’t blame them they are trying to run a business after all.

Don’t panic, be patient, keep doing what you do and normal coverage will resume eventually.  Unless you have the inside track, you will never get to the bottom of what these companies do with their algorithms. However, you can continue to post great content which your audience enjoys.

Never work in isolation on your social media platforms.  Always keep an eye on changes and engage with the changes, ie Instagram taking preference to video content, therefore create more video content or use IGTV to grow your audience engagement.

Look out for the sister platform for Instagram, video content streaming, Reels. Here to rival and back user and target the younger audience that has moved TikTok over the last year.

Be Relatable – Be Human

Give your audience a bigger picture of your brand rather than just posting product shots.  Continuous posting of product imagery will eventually turn your audience off leading to, low engagement and maybe unfollowing you.

Your audience is following because they want to see what more you have to offer and give as a brand, whether that is the inspiration, a behind the scenes view of the people that make the brand great, through to things that we can relate to and make us smile in everyday life.

Interesting Fact!

Research has found that Instagram photos that feature human faces are 38% more likely to receive likes than photos without faces. People are also 32% more likely to get comments.

Spread the love with friends colleagues and the Social Media Community

Kinderwilder Instagram | Onwards and Up
Kinderwilder Saturday Styling

Social media is all about sharing, whether its knowledge images, memes or inspiration there is plenty of it going around. It’s a great way to build a community and big up or shout to those you appreciate.    Tagging people and showing a little love can increase the potential reach of your content. After all, if you mention them, maybe they’ll mention (or even Regram) you!

The important rule is to be genuine don’t just like to get more likes back, social media channels are becoming wise to this and penalising accounts that do. Don’t forget to acknowledge those shouting out to you.  Repay the love when relevant.

Twitter is a great place to build communities, share content and engage with others.

Understanding Your Audience

Worldwide 79% of adults use Facebook, the majority of people use Facebook to connect with family & friends and not engage with businesses or brands. It is important to understand where to find your audience base and how to engage with them.

It is important to understand the general demographics of each social media platform. If your target market is 60 years plus, then using Instagram TikTok may not be the best audience considering most of their audience is within the 18-29 (Instagram) 14-25 Tiktok.

crop woman lounging with laptop and cup of coffee on bed at home
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  • Where is your audience based?
  • What do they like to do in their time off work?
  • Hobbies & Interests?
  • What is their professional/ Employment status?
  • Which social media platforms do they like to hang out in on their time off?


A point to highlight an underutilised platform is that of LinkedIn.  Many of the social media platforms focus on marketing business to consumer.  Whilst many business contacts such as buyers may be on social media approaching them in relation to your business may not be suitable.

Creating an individual and company profile, building and connecting with industry contacts while engaging and pushing out your own business and industry content is a great way to build your business professional network. Many creative owners are not making the most of the platform to connect with buyers and contacts to build new opportunities.

Social Media Business Goals

Let’s not get carried away making content for the sake of it, or because we enjoy creating beautiful visuals.  Back to basics, this is a business you are running, so what is the purpose of the content you are sharing on social media?  How do you want you, followers, to engage with you?

Social media business goals | Onwards and Up
  • What is the purpose of the post being created?
  • Drive traffic to the website (increase clicks)
  • Raise brand awareness?
  • Promote product/service features and benefits? Educate followers about your products. 
  • What problems can your products solve in potential customers lives?
  • Tell the brand story – become more relevant and relatable to followers
  • Promote your brand values and ethos to create a niche community
  • Celebrate achievements and recognition – awards, celebrities and magazine features
  • Showing support to other brands in your circle – increase customer base
  • Focus on your goals when creating content and you will achieve greater success.

We’ve all done it, taken a selection of the same old # and copied and pasted them into every post.  Then sat back and wondered why we are not getting more followers on the platform.  Using the same # tags every time you post means you are reaching the same audience who are either already following you or have no interest in following or engaging with you.

Think Outside the Box – Be Creative with Your Hashtags

Spicing and mixing up your # tags means that your content will go further-reaching new audiences and appearing in explorer feeds.  Think of new ways of tagging your pictures with creative words.  For example, instead of   Some may have a smaller number of people using the # tags, but it is also a more targeted audience who are likely to engage with your content.

Be Consistent

Sometimes when starting out and trying to get followers we tend to just post anything to show that we are here alive and kicking. Initially, this is fine, but as a business, it is important to build a strategy of how you want to present your content to your audience.  Therefore take these principles into consideration when posting new content

This is however not an excuse to be lazy.  If all you social media channel are connected and you are pulling post through from one platform to populate the other.  Don’t do it! This may be a reason why you are not getting engagement on other channels.  Content is not formatted properly, wrong hashtags and a link to the original platform to view any visual content.

There is nothing wrong in posting the same content across the platforms.  Take the time to tailor it for each of the platforms.

Social Media Metrics For Success

What platforms are delivering you traffic and giving you a better return on your investment (ROI). It can be tricky to track social media progress but there are some key elements that can help you along the way.

  • How many weekly impressions did your post receive?
  • How many likes?
  • How many people engaged with your content?
  • How much of your traffic came from your social media platforms?

Monitoring Content Performance

  • How many likes did your content receive?
  • Did any sales from google analytics come from social media?
  • Did you have a high number of newsletter signs ups and which traffic source did they come from?
  • Did you receive anymore Facebook/Instagram profile page likes?
  • Are more people visiting your social media profiles?

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Final Tips and Tools For Creating Content

  • Utilise the scheduling tools on Facebook and Twitter to organise and manage your posts.
  • Sign up for Twitter Analytics to understand the wider activity of your content such as impressions
  • Use Twitter lists to your influencers and bloggers to see their most popular tweets and ensure you engage with them
  • Researching on Buzzfeed content using keywords,  what was the most popular posts?
  • Sign up for google alerts, listing topic areas to receive regular content to your inbox that you can use to beef out your content plan.
  • Always add a page/product link from your website to every post where relevant on Facebook and Twitter – help to drive more traffic to your website.  Don’t make people hunt for things.
  • Content with images and videos will receive triple the engagement

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