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SEO Digital Audit Report

Welcome to the SEO Digital Audit Report and implementation support by Onwards and Up. Here to support you to get things done. We’ll help to reduce the likelihood of another “things to do” report being shelved once and making a difference to your business.

This SEO recommendations report for businesses looking to take the next steps to improve website performance and increase sales. This service also offers a follow-up outcomes consultation and practical hands-on support to implement key findings.  

Paid advertising can in the short term act as a quick fix. Taking time to improve the functional and operational website performance of the website will benefit you in the long run. Therefore making paid advertising and other marketing tools more cost-effective.

Who Is The Digital Audit Service For?

This SEO website audit is for you . A digital audit report tailored for businesses looking to improve website traffic and performance.

The Website Audit Report Can…

A 360 degree deep dive into your website performance. A website audit of your performance or e-commerce website against the Onwards and Up SEO best practice checklist.

  • Increase visibility in search engines
  • Generate more website search queries – improve keyword density
  • User experience review to improve customer journey
  • Analysis of website technical performance
  • Improve organic traffic
  • Reduce the high bounce rate
  • Improve on-page optimisation and website rankings
  • Increase click-through rate for key pages.
  • URL and links review
  • Useful apps and tools – tips and free SEO tools to support the ongoing performance of your website.
  • SEO Content review
  • SEO Image review
  • Backlinks review

What Does The SEO Audit Report Include?

We have three different levels of audit report to suit your business

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