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Welcome to the SEO Digital Audit Report by Onwards and Up. A digital audit designed for websites that have been operating online for a while. An SEO recommendations report for small businesses looking to take the next steps to improve website performance

Using paid search engine marketing (SEM) and or social media marketing can be an effective way to increase your website’s, visibility or drive organic traffic. However, paid advertising is only one part of your overall digital actin plan to optimise your website, increase sales or leads and improve website performance.

In such circumstances, paid advertising can in the short term act as a quick fix. However, this cannot substitute a poor performing website that has not been optimised properly.

SEO Digital Audit Onwards and Up

Who Is The Digital Audit Service For?

This SEO website audit is for you if you are getting securing sales on your website and you are ready to improve your online SEO performance. A digital audit report tailored to small businesses looking to improve website traffic and performance

The website audit report can:

  • Increase visibility in search engines
  • Generate more website search queries
  • Improve traffic to the website
  • Identify technical issues affecting website performance and customer journey
  • reduce the high bounce rate
  • improve on-page optimisation
  • Improve website rankings.
  • Increase click-through rate to the website

What Does The SEO Audit Report Include?

The digital report will review the following elements of your website to improve SEO performance and make your site more visible in search engines.

The website review will carry out the following:

  • Website platform review – recommendations on
    website layout of content and branding of your website
  • Content review
  • Image optimisation review
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO review
  • URL and links review
  • Useful apps and tools – tips and free SEO tools to support the ongoing performance of your website.
SEO digital audit report checklist

For Each Website Audit, You Will Get

  • An SEO audit e-questionnaire to collect background information about your digital presence
  • A review of your online performance in Google Search Console (which you share with us)
  • A thorough SEO website audit of your performance or e-commerce website against the Onwards and Up SEO best practice checklist.
  • A practical detailed SEO recommendations report PDF and action plan with how-to instructions for specific areas to implement in the next three months.

How Do I Book?

  • The cost of each SEO Digital Audit Report is £500
  • Upon payment of the SEO online audit will be delivered by email as a PDF within 10 working days.

If you have any further questions about the SEO Digital Audit Report, please contact us!

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