UK Keyword Research Service.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is a crucial part of any digital strategy. Helping to generate the right kind of organic traffic to your website, that will attract new customers and convert into new business.

A business keywords list is an integral part of any website improvements and SEO traffic strategy.  Understanding customers behaviour in search engines and how they navigate queries is one effective way to drive new website traffic. 

Conducting SEO keyword research is the first step that any online business should take. It should work hand in hand with paid search engine marketing (SEM), social media campaigns and backlinking activity.

Knowing what your business key words are and implementing them correctly on your website is the best to drive organic traffic to your site. This will enable your website pages to rank higher in search engine results. The higher the pages rank in SERP’s, the more visible they will become in search queries. Therefore leading to more click-throughs and in the long run, a higher conversion rate. That is why keyword research is important.

When optimising content for your website, what you may think are your business keywords and what keywords visitors are using can be very different.  Keyword research service will help you to find what you want to rank for vs the reality of the competition.

How To Rank For Keywords?

There is nothing to say you cannot rank top or on the first page of search engines for keywords, but there will be millions of others in your field trying to rank for the same words. Also, don’t forget the sponsored and paid ads of websites fast-tracking themselves to the top of the tree that you’ll need to compete with.

Keywords can be highly competitive and is important to do your homework and research. It is therefore important in the long run to identify niche keywords which will grow over time rather than chasing for the mainstream highly competitive keywords.

Now is a good time to put together a keyword strategy. This is key to cracking and finding those keywords for your business to support successful SEO and customer conversion.

Carrying Out SEO Keywords Research

Through researching your brand, direct competition and the market growth, Onwards and Up can assist in conducting keyword research to optimise your existing and future website pages. Identifying the volume of search for specific terms and the competition level for those keywords. 

We can identify a selection of relevant keywords for your business, services and products. Providing you with an extensive list of keywords to optimise website pages and content for growth.

To ensure your website content is rich with keywords, Onwards and Up will construct a list of long-tail SEO titles for key pages as recommendations and SEO guidance.

To help support successful keyword implementation, Onwards and Up will also provide you with an SEO guidance book to help you on your way to chasing your potential new organic traffic.

Who is Keyword Research Service For?

Our SEO keyword research service is for small businesses looking to grow their online traffic through organic search.

Whether you are launching a website or looking to expand your websites reach to find new customers. Keyword research services can work at all levels to support your wider digital strategy.

How do I book?

  • The keywords research cost starts from £400
  • The keyword service price will vary depending on the number of products, services and content.
  • A keyword online service for small businesses.

What Does The Keyword Research Services Price Include?

  • A consultation to understand your business needs and areas of focus for the keyword research.
  • An e-questionnaire to collect background information about your digital presence, product/services and information of competitors and territories you are looking to gain organic traffic from.
  • A review of your online performance in Google Search Console (which you share with us)
  • A compiled report of keywords to use in your content along with a list of suggested long-tail SEO search engine titles.

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