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Onwards and Up, here to talk about everything fashion and lifestyle business. Giving you the “How To” and get things done. Come and join us on one of many event and workshop options.

Regularly hosting our own networking talks and workshops, to working with partners and industry organisations. Giving you the answers to those burning business questions and showing you how to make it happen. By the end of our talks and workshops, we aim to leave no stone unturned.

Now hosting online talks and workshops, join us for a short information, practical and insight filled hour with like-minded businesses and individuals. Don’t miss out and keep yourself in the know of our latest events sign up to:

Tuesday 3rd November 2020, 6.30-7.45pm

Looking forward to seeing you!

Past Networking Events and Workshops

25th August 2020
5th August 2020
21st July 2020
24th June 2020
29th April 2020
16th April 2020
12th January 2020
27th November 2019
12th November 2019
15th October 2019
29th April 2019
21st November 2018
17th October 2018