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Keyword research is a crucial part of any digital strategy to generate the right kind of traffic to your website, that will attract the right kind of customers and convert.

This is an integral part of any SEO strategy.  Understanding what users are typing into search engines is one way to drive traffic to your site. 

Keyword research is the first step that any business should take before embarking on paid campaigns. Knowing what your keywords are, getting higher rankings for these can lead to better and more cost-effective paid campaigns.

What you may think are your keywords and what keywords visitors are using online usually tend to be very different.  Knowing what you want to rank for vs the reality of the competition and potential customers are searching for, is your key to successful SEO and customer conversion.

Through researching your brand, competition (direct and indirect) and the market, Onwards and Up can provide the volume of search for specific terms and the competition level for those words.  We can identify relevant keywords for your brand and products, providing you with an extensive list of keywords and long tail SEO title for optimising your Search engine results. 

To help support successful keyword implementation Onwards and Up also provide you with a and SEO guidance books to help you on your way to chasing your new found traffic.

Who is this for?

Keyword research is for you if you have an operating website that is receiving track but is low on organic traffic which needs to be built.

What is included?

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  • An e-questionnaire to collect background information about your digital presence
  • A review of your online performance in Google Search Console (which you share with us)
  • A compiled report of keywords to use in your content along with a list of suggested long tail SEO search engine titles.

How do I book?

  • The cost of keywords research starts from £350
  • The price will vary depending on the number of products, services and content.