Improve your Online Business

It has never been so easy for you to build your own website online, with a valid credit card and a click of a button.  You don’t need to be digitally minded or tech savvy to get your business up and running. 

To get the best out of your website it is still important for you to understand how the platform operates and make the relevant changes to help increase your online sales, improve functionality of your website to keep users engaged and most importantly ensure that your content is relevant to improve your search engine rankings to increase the number of click-throughs to your site.

Who Is This For?

Onwards and Up here with an introductory audit to assist you with improving your site and give you insight as to how to maintain and build your websites performance going forward.

Our 10 point digital action plan is a starter guide to website maintenance.  Providing you with a top 10 quick fix list of things to do to improve your site performance and making it more visible across search engines, at home and abroad.

No need for a web developer to implement these actions.  No jargon, just simple actions. These are things that you can work through on your website in your own time.

The Onwards and Up, 10 Point Digital Action Plan will review your website and identify 10 issues we recommend you work on to improve your website’s performance and help boost your online sales, leads and search engine presence.

Website Recommendations May Include:

  • Your website platform
  • Website layout, template and navigation
  • Your design, content or images
  • Business and security compliance
  • SEO performance
  • Mobile readiness and more.  The list is endless and tailored specifically for each company and your needs.

Get ready to get busy on your website!!

The audit will  be presented in a short PDF report listing the top 10 actions you need to take.  This will be sent to you by email.

Digital Services

How Do I Book?

  • The cost of each 10 Point Digital Action Plan is £125
  • Contact us to book and pay for your action plan

Your report with the full list of actions will arrive in your inbox within 10 working days of booking.  All work is carried out manually so every report to tailored to your website and business needs.

This report does not include a meeting or skype call.  If you would like your recommendations explained further, please book a consultation session or book our SEO Digital Audit Report.

If you have any further questions about the top 10 Point Digital Action Plan, please contact us!