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Your website is the window to the world. It is the best opportunity that small and start-up businesses have today to gain successful growth.  Understanding how your website performs and grow your online traffic can easily create new sales opportunities. In turn, this can enable you to develop an effective online digital sales strategy. 

Breaking down the fear of the digital unknown is vital to success. The jargon and technical stuff that blinds you when you talk to a website developer and digital agency.  The things that can keep small businesses from moving forward, along with time and cost to put it right.

Onwards and Up are here to get your head out of the sand when it comes to growing your online business.  It needs just as much attention to get the right results as your other business sales channels.

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to improve your website visibility and grow your online traffic. There just needs a bit more investment in time and patience. With the right tools and knowledge, you can see significant changes in your website online performance in months.

Onwards and Up is unique in our approach. Supporting small businesses to grow their online presence. With a background in Psychology and over a decades worth of experience of working with small and medium-sized fashion and lifestyle businesses to grow.

With the skills and experience to provide a joint up holistic approach to building websites, your business strategy and digital strategies. Successfully growing your online presence, increase sales and support your wider business operations including offline.

Onwards and Up ensures that no aspect of the business operates in isolation. Whatever is taking place offline can be capitalised online and vice versa.

Delivering services in the following areas:

  • Website building – creating an online presence to establish your business in the marketplace. compete with others to grow a successful online business.
  • SEO website audits – improving website performance and growing your online traffic with keywords to increase your search engine rankings.
  • Keyword research and SEO know-how – improving website organic traffic and finding your keywords to gain new customers and grow your sales.

Delivering a website and digital presence ready to take on the world.

Our Digital Services

SEO website performance plan

10 Point Digital Action Plan

A starter SEO guide report of quick fixes for your website. Improve your website performance and traffic with top 10 actions for implementations. Great for technophobes and digital novices.

Website building service for UK small business

Website Building For Small Businesses

Building websites on leading platforms. Tailored to your needs. Creating cost-effective websites, user-friendly and SEO compliant to deliver sales and support digital strategy to grow your business online.

SEo digital website audit report UK

SEO Digital Audit Report

A full website SEO audit report with improvement recommendation action plan. An SEO report to analyse website performance and optimise pages to gain greater traffic and new business. Insight in how to improve your rankings.

Keyword research service for UK small business

Keyword Research Service

Improve your website traffic with the right kind of traffic. Creating content and identifying those keywords that will increase your organic traffic and increase your website sales. Working with you to secure those business keywords with SEO guidelines.

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