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Am I On A Journey or Just Having A Pre-Mid Life Crisis?

Hello and welcome to my blog at Onwards and Up. If you don’t know by now after scrolling through the website, I am Toyin, the owner and creator of this new venture. A fashion business and SEO consultant working with SME’s to grow their business through wholesale and online.

Technically Onwards and Up when I first purchased the domain name, was supposed to be a side-line project for me to write about things that interested me and to raise awareness of issues that I felt strongly about. However, in the past year, a lot has changed in life.

After working many years in my job, loving all the client-facing stuff and loathing the bureaucratic processes and systems. On January 1st, 2017, I woke up and decided that this year, something had to give, and I would not be in this position by the time Christmas came around. I was not going to be having the same old conversation with my friends at the Christmas party (which happens every year), saying “this time next year, I won’t be here!”.

After much soul searching and reading books like “Get your Sh*t Together” by Sarah Knight (I am a typical Simon from the Chipmunks), I think I’ve sussed my way forward. Free and freelance, doing what I love best, hanging out with companies and working on their business issues.

The escapades of the last few months of training, talking to friends and colleagues, exploring new career paths, two things seem to keep occurring. It’s always interesting how people like to define periods of your life with a life phase. My things were “this is amazing what you are doing, you are so on a journey!” or “are you sure you want to quit your job? Have you thought this through? Maybe you’re having a pre-midlife crisis?”.

Hmmm!!! Not to belittle anything that anyone has said, advised or told me over the past few months. I have totally appreciated all the feedback and guidance that I have been given. As humans, there is this need to define things for us to be able to process and accept what is happening.

When people say you’re on a journey, for me it conjures up visions of terrible X Factor contestants balling their eyes out, being told they have got through to the live shows. Add to that a massive dose of Westlife whaling in the background.

A Journey?
Traveling from one place to another, sometimes taking a rather long time. For me that means either a scheduled dose of sickness pills or a large stash of sweets to stave off my travel sickness, for whatever journey I’m having to take. Yes, road, rail, planes and boats, I never quite grew out of that one.

Pre-Midlife Crisis?
I kind of hear this one. Born in the Thatcher era and educated under Blair, worked hard in our twenties, paid off student debts, lucky enough to buy a home, settle down and now in our mid 30’s peaked and fallen out of love with the job we worked so hard to achieve. The feeling of what now, shall I become a goat herder start to become a feasible option of a career change.

I feel with all the craziness that is going on in the world, people are re-evaluating their personal welfare and life goals. For me, this is where I currently sit. This is not a life phase, call it a journey or a midlife crisis, but me finally finding my voice (shhh to those who know me, I mean my inner voice), and confidence to make that jump and know that down the line things will work out.

So here I am with a hardworking, but a light-hearted fun view to doing business. I hope through my blog to bring regular posts on business issues, great resources with a dollop of topical everyday issues from time to time.

Thank you for checking in.

Happy reading! xx

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