More than ever before young fashion brands are securing their first wholesale orders from overseas stockists. In a globalised world, having a proactive approach to exporting will give you a competitive advantage.

Having a good understanding of international markets, pricing structures, cultural approach to doing business, through to ensuring your products meet local regulations, will all save you time and investment.  Therefore, making it easier for you to capitalise on any export opportunities when they arise.

Let’s get proactive about internationalising your business and creating a global brand and start to build a long-term strategy today!

This fashion networking event talk will focus on how to take your business international and maintain long term export growth.

Hosted at Lone Design Club’s concept store, come along for an evening of learning, talking, meeting like-minded business with a spot of retail shopping.

What you will learn from the event

Are you ready?

  • Things to think about before taking the next steps to international, looking at your internal business processes, to ensure all elements are ready to support the next stage of export growth.

Going international – how to plan your strategy

  • How to plan which international markets to approach and when.
  • What are the best routes to market and why your route will not be the same for all markets.
  • Considering your product suitability and tailoring your marketing messaging to meet the new market needs.

How to maintain and continue to grow internationally

  • Creating a long-term business plan,
  • Do you need investment
  • hat is your end goal?
  • Where to get further support

Small business tips for surviving Brexit.

Event Details

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any queries regarding the event please do not hesitate to contact me.

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