Export Development and Digital Consultant

Providing business support to fashion and lifestyle brands

Hello, my name is Toyin and I have worked in international business development for over 12 years.  Working with more than 300 of the UK’s leading and emerging fashion, retail, lifestyle and consumer brands.

I have worked with brands to develop their business strategy and marketing campaigns, to enable them to successfully expand into new markets across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and US.

Supporting brands from start up, medium to multinational sized businesses, my work had focused on the following areas:

  • Developing business and international sales strategies
  • Developing routes to market, wholesale, licensing, partner distribution
  • Business operation audit – ready for expansion
  • Marketing initiatives and implementing campaigns to promote brands in international markets and tradeshows
  • Identifying and coordinating buyer introductions to create new business opportunities for brands
  • Developing digital strategies, including website audits, digital training and  online market-place introductions.

I love working with brands on growing their business through different distribution routes and seeing their confidence grow. Therefore anything is possible when broken down into chunks.  In a practical and realistic manner, I have always helped in demystifying the difficulties of taking the next steps with their business.  I have always aimed to provide knowledge, to help brands to make good business decisions with confidence and to be more proactive. Knowledge is King!!

Call me the human encyclopaedia for business. 😊  I enjoy working with a variety of brands from start-up to established.  Thinking outside of the box and being creative is important to me and can lead to great success.

I’m an outgoing, optimistic person, who will provide you with the encouragement to achieve your business goals.  I have a light-hearted fun approach to work and is a sucker for fashion accessories.



Onwards and Up - Export Development and Digital ConsultantOnwards and Up

Onwards and Up, here to support fashion and lifestyle businesses to grow and to get things done.

After working in a previous role for many years, I felt limited in how I could help companies grow.  Whilst it was great to give companies the how to, they were limited by their resources to make changes. On many occasions they had no time to implement strategies, that I developed with them to grow their business.

Venturing out as Onwards and Up, I can devote more time to delivering hands on business support to get things moving.  This gives me satisfaction that brands are moving in the right direction.

With great knowledge, connections and experience, Onwards and Up is here to provide support in fashion, retail, lifestyle and consumer brands in a number of areas.

Keeping it simple and working at your pace, I have a flexible way of working that suits your business needs.

Onwards and Up is continually developing new partnerships to create opportunities for brands to grow.  Sign up to the mailing list to be in the know of events and business opportunities.

May your business be prosperous and moving Onwards and Up!


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