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The Secrets to Growing a Successful Business, 2018

The How to, On Bloggers, Instagram and Pop Up Shops

Onwards and Up here with our monthly fashion and lifestyle business networking events.  Helping small and medium-sized businesses to help take your business in the right direction. Let’s leave the chasing of the wholesale business model behind and let’s give you the how-to, to grow your business through other distribution channels.

This event sees 3 leading experts joining us to give you how to grow your business.  Looking at pop-up shops, Instagram and bloggers to grow your business. Plus a few tip and tricks from Onwards and Up, Fashion Business and SEO Consultant, on improving your website performance. An informal panel discussion with great insight from those taking the lead in their field.

Come and join us for an evening packed with insight, practical tips and networking opportunities. Plus, a glass of wine to get you in the swing.

What you will learn from the event

  • Instagram – how to create engagement and capture new audiences to generate sales
  • Bloggers – Understanding what bloggers do, the best practice of bloggers and how to work with them to increase sales
  • Pop up shops – Using pop-up shops to reach new audiences and maximising your sales on and offline
  • Digital – Optimising your website traffic, to make it generate more money for you through different sales channels
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Carrie Elizabeth, Lone Design Club, Fade Spring Fashion Panel | Onwards and Up

Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery – Carrie Dennahy established her business three years ago.  Set up selling beautiful semi-precious jewellery at affordable prices. Having bucked the trend, Carrie has successfully grown her business through her online website. With great products, imagery and relatable stories, Carrie has grown an Instagram audience to over 45K followers.  This has generated sales that have seen her business grow year on year.

Faded Spring – Ana De-Jesus, a double award-winning fashion and lifestyle blogger. Ana has a passion for promoting social issues and campaigning for social equality. Working with leading brands in fashion and retail, Ana has made a platform for herself. Speaking out on social issues, as well as influencing her engaged audience of the latest fashion trends. Ana has a high conversion rate across all channels and a network of microbloggers, ready to support brands on all levels.

LDC – Revolutionising retail and customers shopping experience since 2017. Lone Design Club create short term concept stores across London. A platform for consumers to discover and shop from independent brands with traceable and mindful practices, selling unique designs. A pop-up store with a difference, creating alluring in-store experiences.  LDC is leading the way in combining online and offline sales opportunities for all parties.

Event Details

If you have any queries regarding the event please do not hesitate to contact me.

The Verdict

Thank you so much to everyone who came along last night to the fashion networking talk. My very generous panel Faded Spring, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery and Lone Design Club, giving their time to give real insight and advice, we all appreciated.  So much discussion I thought we were never going to leave.

Back in the new year with a fresh round off fashion networking events. Stay tuned!!

Fashion Social media event London | Onwards and Up

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