Illicia Sophia red tote bag and Celina white shoulder bag
two models holding Ilicia grace top handle oxblood red bag

Illicia, an innovative luxury leather handbag and accessories brand for women.  Established in 2017 by sisters Ilham and Idil Mohammed.  Illicia designs high-end colourful smooth Nappa leather, which are customisable bags with interchangeable woven handles to suit your style.

Illicia’s handbags are crafted by a small family-owned factory in Italy, using the finest quality Nappa leather.  A defined collection of top handle, tote handbags, shoulder and chain bags for work and play. 

Illicia attended a selection of fashion networking events hosted by Onwards and Up, in London.  One event included a practical hands-on website improvements workshop called, How To Get Ahead On Black Friday.  The digital event focused on giving small businesses a better understanding of their websites performance, how to improve SEO and websites traffic to increase their website sales for Black Friday.

As part of the website improvements workshop, all attendees received a website review report with 3 top easy fixes to help them improve website performance and SEO.

The key SEO performance issues identified on Illicia London’s website were:

  • Unsecure website
  • Images on the website too big
  • Page load speed for desktop and mobile really slow.

Website SEO Performance And Review

Following on from the website improvements workshop, Illicia was keen to understand the SEO performance of their website to build their wider digital strategy for the forthcoming spring/summer seasons sales. They, therefore, commissioned an SEO Digital Audit Report from Onwards and Up. This was to identify SEO issues, how to increase their website traffic and improve website search engine rankings.

The SEO website audit consisted of a review of Illicia’s site.  The website review provided a detailed report exploring the websites navigation plan, user experience, website design, on-page and off page SEO review, content optimisation, image optimisation review and website structural review. 

The findings were presented in a report with a full list of actions and recommendations to implement.

With follow up discussions with Illicia of the SEO report findings, they requested Onwards and Up to assist with their website redevelopment and implementation of the SEO audit findings.  Providing the business with a professional looking website that had increased visibility in search engines.

The website was built on WooCommerce platform. and Onwards and Up carried out the website improvements following the final plan being signed off by Illicia. Relaunching their site to support their forthcoming activity at Paris Fashion Week 2019.

Screenshot of Illicia new website

SEO Technical Audit

Website Security

It is important that if you you are operating a website that the site has the relevant security certificate in place to prevent data breaches and hacker stealing customer details.

Enabling the SSL certificate this is also a SEO ranking variable that search engines look for when ranking your website. Websites that do not have the relevant security protections in place will be ranked lower than those that do have.

As an ecommerce store it was important for Illicia to have this enabled to secure the website and customer details.

Website Backup Database

As part of the audit we identified that the Illicia website was not backed up to any server ensure that website template and content was stored in a secure place if ever the website was to go offline.

Therefore, Onwards and Up set up a new server on Illicia’s hosting domain platform, with frequent website backup s to this to secure the safety of the site and content.

Improved page load speed

Website Build & Navigation

  • Website rebuild
  • Redesign and reformatted the frontpage layout
  • Reformatted product page layout with smoother navigation of the products and styles
  • Increased navigation links across the site
  • Compressed large images to improve page load speed

Website SEO Improvements To Increase Search & Organic Traffic

  • Starter on-page SEO improvements, including a content update with keywords
  • Removal of duplicate page titles and meta descriptions in search engines
  • Improvements to URL structures
  • Improved search engine titles, meta descriptions including keywords to increase search engine rankings
  • Connected key performance tracking tools

Profile image of Ilham Mohammed, founder and owner of Illicia

Toyin took on this project and made a complete turnaround within a short space of time. Very organised in her approach to get the best layout whilst creating great user design experience. Her creative eye and her passion to own the project is undeniable rare. We will continue to work with her to build on what we have created .

Ilham Mohammed, Founder & Owner of Illicia

Website Improved Performance After 28 Days

  • 79% increase in brand appearing in search engine queries
  • 172% increase in organic traffic to the website
  • Website currently ranking for 111% more keywords and phrases
  • 111% increase in click-through for previous month
  • Page load speed increase from 46% to 72%

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