Doing Business In Europe Post Brexit

Things To Know

As part of the agreement of leaving the European Union on 31st December 2020, freedom of movement for citizen of the UK within Europe is no more.  New rules now apply to how we work and travel on the continent.  

When Is A Visa or Work Permit Required?

You will need a visa or work permit if you are:

  • taking part in activities or providing services that are not covered by a country’s visa-waiver rules
  • staying for more than 90 days in a 180-day period for any reason
  • carrying our contracts to provide a service to a client in another country in which your employer has no presence.

When a Visa or Work Permit Is Not RequiredA

you are travelling for less than 90 days in a 180-day period, you will not need a visa if you are:

• going to a business meeting, attending a conference, attending cultural or sports events or exchanges
• travelling for journalistic or media purposes

Whatever you are doing, we advise you to check the rules on the website of the relevant Member State to find out if you need to apply. 

Temporary Movement of Goods to Europe

If you’re taking goods to another country temporarily for business reasons and you think you’ll be over the duty free limit of £390.  Applying for an ATA carnet can help you to avoid paying duty. An ATA Carnet can cover the following things:  

  • samples to show at trade fairs or sales meetings
  • publicity materials
  • recorded film and audio
  • equipment you need for work like laptops, cameras or sound equipment
  • goods for educational, scientific or cultural purposes
  • personal effects and sports goods

What Is An ATA Carnet?

An ATA carnet is often referred to as a passport for goods.  It is an international document used to transport non-perishable goods for import and export tax-free and duty free that are listed on the carnet for upto one year to over 100+ countries and territories around the world. 

ATA Carnet costs around £300 + VAT and can be obtained from your local Chamber of Commerce, export documents department. 

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