Redistribution of Goods
From The UK To The EU

In case anyone has not picked it up there is a nasty surprise for companies that re-distribute products sourced from the EU shipped into the UK and then shipped back to the EU. If there is no significant processing, these products will be subjected to third country duties

  1. “Notwithstanding point (c) of Article ORIG.3(1) [General requirements], a product shall not be considered as originating in a Party if the production of the product in a Party consists only of one or more of the following operations conducted on non-originating materials”

(a) preserving operations such as drying, freezing, keeping in brine and other similar operations where their sole purpose is to ensure that the products remain in good condition during transport and storage;

(b) breaking-up or assembly of packages;

(c) washing, cleaning; removal of dust, oxide, oil, paint or other coverings;

(d) ironing or pressing of textiles and textile articles;

(e) simple painting and polishing operations;

(f) husking and partial or total milling of rice; polishing and glazing of cereals and rice; bleaching of rice;

(g) operations to colour or flavour sugar or form sugar lumps; partial or total milling of sugar in solid form;

(h) peeling, stoning and shelling, of fruits, nuts and vegetables;

(i) sharpening, simple grinding or simple cutting;

(j) sifting, screening, sorting, classifying, grading, matching including the making-up of sets of articles;

(k) simple placing in bottles, cans, flasks, bags, cases, boxes, fixing on cards or boards and all other simple packaging operations;

(l) affixing or printing marks, labels, logos and other like distinguishing signs on products or their packaging;

(m) simple mixing of products, whether or not of different kinds; mixing of sugar with any material;

(n) simple addition of water or dilution with water or another substance that does not materially alter the characteristics of the product, or dehydration or denaturation of products;

(o) simple assembly of parts of articles to constitute a complete article or disassembly of products into parts;

(p) slaughter of animals.

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