IOSS VAT + Delivery Checklist

VAT Checklist

Delivery Checklist

Update your website to identify and apply the correct vat rate for the EU destination at point of sale

Ensure you ecommerce platforms can make the correct VAT at checkout and pass VAT data along with the order data for shipping and despatch

Decide in which EU member country to register for IOSS.

Get clarity from carriers on who to transmit our IOSS VAT identification number to them

Register via IOSS portal and obtain unique IOSS VAT identification number.

Check that the parcel value does not exceed the 150 euro (£135), threshold. (Parcel calculation based on the order excluding the VAT, plus shipping, plus insurance).

Appoint an EU-based intermediary to handle tax compliance on your behalf if non-EU based.

Ensure your despatch platforms can support IOSS and generate the required data documentation for smooth clearance.

Ensure your prices on your website can handle the fluctuation in VAT rates.  Review supporting plugin and apps where possible

Collect the VAT amount when selling online

For marketplace sales check that your are covered under the marketplace’s VAT regime

Show the VAT collected on the commercial invoice

Provide the customs declarant with your IOSS VAT identification number (or marketplaces for Online marketplace sales).

File monthly VAT declaration before the end of month M+1

Keep records of all eligible IOSS distance sales of imported good for 10 year in case of audit by EU tax authorities.  The information to be retained is that provided for ?

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